Jan 04 2014

P.M. Runs from the ball

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A mate of mine has the initials P.M. he rates himself a decent batsman but he runs from the ball like a Shirvy from Vegan Conference.

Luckily for me another P.M. namely Piers Morgan has illustrated to the entire world what is is like for the Shirvy to trundle in and bowl some good line and length to the @MegaNiff.

Oh, And to Richard Hadlee and others out there who are having a bit of a sook about this demonstration of fast bowling you really need to consider the fact that Piers Morgan is a grown man capable of making his own decisions. He was requested to sign an indemnity letter / contract for goodness sakes so there was no way in the world he would of expected anything less than he received. Please remove yourself from your softly padded medium high horse with step ladder and disperse.

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Dec 30 2013

Reeeegitz Jags It

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After proving all day to have limited ability on the golf course the flamboyant Frenchman Reeeegitz turned the tables and showed everyone that he has the occasional flash of brilliance….. Very occasional.

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Oct 31 2013

Dayton Callie – Seinfeld

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I like it when you are watching old episodes of Seinfeld and you see a actor playing a minor character who is now in another show in a much larger role. One example of this is Dayton Callie.

I haven’t seen Deadwood or some of the other shows Dayton has appeared in but I am a fan of Sons of Anarchy. You might recognise the below chap as Charming’s (now former) Police Chief Wayne Unser.

Anyone remember which Seinfeld episode he appeared in?


I definitely would not have remembered had I not seen the scene so to speak.

The last ‘normal’ episode of the series – The Puerto Rican Day

The Parade. The Sunday wind down watching 60 minutes.

H.E. Pennypacker, a wealthy industrialist, philanthropist, and bicyclist, Kel Varnsen and Art Vandalay vying for an apartment.

George dodged a red laser pointer most of the episode and…..

Elaine annoyed a certain cabbie by getting in and out of his cab during the traffic commotion.

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Oct 03 2013

Brunswick Heads Monster

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Or just a snag, you be the judge.

Thank you to the SS SeaHunt for the excellent amenities on board.

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Sep 24 2013

Dexter: Crying Sooks Shut Up

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Dexter Final Scene

Last night I watched the series final of TV fictional drama Dexter. It was good and a perfectly fine ending.

News article after news article has roundly trashed the series final suggesting it “enraged viewers” and the show “cut it’s own throat” with a “sappy” ending.

Really? What do people expect from a series finale in a show where the main character is a serial killer?

As soon as the first negative vibe started to appear I knew that the dreaded Seinfeld finale would be bought up. As with the Dexter finale I quite enjoyed the final in the Seindeld chronicles. I also enjoyed the series final of the Sopranos. The endings to E.R., Mash and Scrubs were also good but for different reasons.

I think that the one thing that separates these six shows is three of them allowed you to get emotionally involved with the characters, they laughed, they cried and more importantly let you cry with them (not me though, I am as hard as three crowbars). The other three shows involved characters who while yes likable enough, provided no real emotional connection to them at all.

- The Seinfeld character was clearly a self centered individual who never cried with his audience
- The Soprano character was clearly a self centered individual who did cry but only for selfish reasons
- The Dexter character was clearly a self centered individual who never cried with his audience

Whenever you attach yourself to, lets face it a relatively callous character, it is always going to be hard to have the same emotional release that you may have had with a character you, in one way or another, empathise with.

I do not empathise with the Dexter character. I would definitely like a crack at his Girlfriend but had he died I would not have thought it to be sad.

Deep down I think most of the general public would not empathise with the Dexter character and their lack of emotional release has somehow turned into rage against the writers.

Special note to the Dexter blow up brigade! It is not the shows creators, writers or stars fault! The truth is either a) you have no real connection with your feelings or b) you are to stupid to realise that any ending would have been hollow. Free advice from me – Snap out of it you bunch of sooksy la la’s!

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Jul 25 2013

Cat 793 Dump Truck – Dropped

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Whoopsy. Ever wonder where the term “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link”?

Luckily no one appears to have been hurt. I have walked under suspended loads before but will never again after this. Proof that this shit can be deadly.

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Jul 24 2013

Last Man Standing – Round 17

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Well I guess it is time I bring this up. Thanks to my good friends at sportingbet.com.au I am down to a 1 in 179 chance of $50,000.

If you have never heard of last man standing it is not that complex so let me fill you in. At the start of the NRL and AFL seasons Sportingbet offer a competition market where you can chose one team per round and if your chosen team that week wins you go into the next round. If your team loses you are goooooonnnnne! This goes on round after round until one person is left as the LAST MAN STANDING!!!!

I was knocked out of the NRL LMS earlier this year but I have managed to stick around in the AFL version of the comp and am down to the last 179 players from an original 24,000 odd players. I am particularly proud of be of my form in recent weeks because the good people at sportingbet.com.au decided to introduce line betting in the LMS comp so rather than picking a team to just win, you needed to pick that team to either win by more a certain number of points, or lose by less than a certain amount of points. As you can imagine this makes things a little more tricky.

Results from last week are as follows…. I was one of the 47 who chose the Sydney Swans to win by more than 13.5 points.

This week appears to be a much tougher challenge initially.

The lines can change between now and Friday night but I am happy to take your suggestions as a suggested course of action.

If you were facing death and had to actually chose one of these games to put your life on, what would you chose?

What would you CHOOSE??

What would you choose to get your shot at $50,000???

I may shout you a beer if I manage to make it through and take the top prize.


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